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Pan-fried Silver Perch with Grapefruit Cream

Iberian Pork Pluma with Orange and Apple Sauce

U.S. Sakura Pork Shoulder Butt with Kumquat and Honey Cream Sauce


LA FARFALLA 12 New Entrees

La Farfalla, following the philosophy of Taste the Season,on 4/1 presents 12 new main courses including “Black Truffle Chicken Roll with Parma Ham and Port Sauce”, “Steamed Grouper with Chorizo and Shrimp Sauce”, “Iberian Pork Pluma with Orange and Apple Sauce”, “Australian Wagyu M9 New York Strip Steak” with prices starting from NT$1,280+10%, and unlimited appetizers, salad, seafood, fruits and desserts from the buffet to indulge in! During LA FARFALLA MENU period, a bonus of seasonal cold appetizer will be served for each guest who ordered a main course! Enjoy the bounties of spring in this sumptuous feast!
For more details or reservations, please contact Humble House Taipei La Farfalla Italian restaurant (02)6631-8060.