humble house hotels



We love the local culture and work closely with hotel guests to promote Eco-friendly activities to build a better community.

LEED- Diamond Certified Green Building
From its design to construction, Humble House Taipei was built with an aim to minimize environmental pollution. Almost half of the building materials are eco-friendly, with French windows letting in natural light. Energy-saving lighting and air-conditioning systems, as well as water-saving facilities, are all used in the building. Certified by the Ministry of Interior, the building is awarded as “Diamond-rated Green Building.”

Green Design
To bring more green spaces to the city, we grow outdoor plants from the 5th to 7th floor to welcome our guests every day. The plants generate pure oxygen, helping to reduce room temperature and energy consumption.

Recycle and Reuse
We change linens and towels according to our patrons’ requests. All the paper printed is eco-friendly certificated. By doing so, we hope to reuse the resources and protect the environment.