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The open air swimming pool located on the 7th floor takes you away from the bustling city, enabling you to enjoy the sunshine, the view of Taipei 101, and the endless skyline of the city. The outdoor area is spacious, decorated with natural landscape. The wooden floors offer a natural and comfortable leisure space.

Location | 7F
Depth | 1.15m /3.77feet
Operating Hours |
Between 12:00-13:30 will be temporarily closed.

*Pool is for registered hotel only.
*For safety reasons, children under twelve (12) are asked being accompanied with adults in the pool area.
*Only guest with regular swimwear, swim trunks, and swim cap shall be allowed in the pool.
*Snorkeling gear is not allow in the pool.
*If there is a typhoon or weather conditions are harsh, the swimming pool will be closed.