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Pure Rooms

Pure Room Experience Promises an Enjoyment of High-Quality Cozy Resting Place

Traveling between countries in changing seasons, travelers often suffer from poor quality sleep. Therefore, Humble House Taipei collaborates with professional American PURE Global consulting company ( and introduces the accommodation concept "Pure Room," which is now available in the hotel. The PURE process is a seven step cleaning and sterilizing process, which is academically recognized by the Cornell University and has won the 2009 BETA STAR AWARD, offering travelers a clean and relieving place to rest.

As a seven steps cleaning and sterilizing process, the PURE process includes cleaning and sterilizing air-conditioning units in guest rooms to ensure fresh air. It also includes application of PURE tea tree essential oil, whose antibacterial efficacy has been proved medically. Then patented PURE Clean™ cleaning solvent and high-pressure vacuum cleaner are used to remove all pollutants—mold, bacteria, dusts—from every surface in guest rooms. Later, a high-frequency ozone generator is used to remove odors and diminutive bacteria in the air so as to offer a double guarantee of pureness. After the deep cleaning, a sterilizing protective film PURE Shield™, totally harmless to human health, will be sprayed in guest rooms to prevent and eradicate the presence of pathogens. In addition, each Pure Room is equipped with a USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified medical-grade air purifier, which purifies the air 24 hours a day, eliminating potentially threatening airborne infectious particles and microorganisms. Moreover, in Pure Rooms, linens and pillows are attentively chosen to be bacteria and dust resistant, with soft texture as well as breathable and waterproof materials, promising every traveler an easy and high-quality sleeping environment.

On the door of each Pure Room hangs an exclusive doorplate. Guests can easily tell the difference before entering the room. As soon as they step in the Pure Room, guests will be welcomed by an elegant scent of tea tree essential oil. Pure room certification mark and product descriptions help them understand the room easily and assures a cozy stay. Providing "Pure Room" experience, Humble House Taipei Hotel meets international hotel standards, building a pure resting place in the city, aiming to deliver an unprecedented pure and cozy experience to all travelers, relaxing their weary body and soul on the road.

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