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Miniature Tea Garden


A Miniature Garden At Your Table Enjoy Sweet Afternoon in Blossom

Featuring a vast open space and a cozy sky garden, The Terrace extends art to afternoon tea, creating a miniature garden at your table. Starting from April 1, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, daily, The Terrace offers 【Miniature Tea Garden】, an afternoon tea set for two priced at NT$1,580+10%, with stories unfolding at every scene secretly. First catering to your taste buds are three mini salty snacks: "Beef Fillet Tart with Pistachios," "Hazelnut Blueberry Macaroon with Duck Liver," and "Mini Scallop Burger with Hokkaido Sea Urchin." Then come five desserts taking the forms of lovely blossoms: "Sweet-Scented Rose Apple Puff Pastry," "Raspberry Velvet Cake," "Salted Cherry Blossom Macaroon," "Jasmine Chianti Citrus Mille-Feuille," and "Butterfly Pea Berry Jelly with Marshmallow." Full of sweet fragrance, the five desserts also provide a fantastic visual experience. What’s more, the fresh drinks, taking important parts in afternoon tea, also incorporate the elements of flowers and fruit. Cooling, special drinks include "Frozen Rose Cocktail," "Raspberry Apple Cider Iced Tea," and "Chamomile Lemon Grass Iced Tea." Guests may also choose from fresh juice or Chinese and Western classic teas. All these make a wonderful afternoon tea served in an elegant style and surroundings! For details and reservation, please contact Humble House Taipei The Terrace +886 2 6631 8066.