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The Hole

Born in Poland, Piotr Uklanski has devoted himself not only to creating conventional works of art, he also happily indulges in combining different elements and textures with cutting edge subject matter and conceptualization to construct a highly unconventional yet bitingly cold and downbeat spatial sensation. Uklanski's works can exhibit mind-blowing complexity or induce a deep, foreboding emotional tension through the simplest lines. They can frequently evoke a shudder, or perhaps, a hearty cheer.

“The Hole” puts into play the physical properties of LED lighting and polished stainless steel. When a viewer looks intently at the work, the interaction between the eyes and the brain can produce a temporary daze as the reflective effects of the light source and mirrored surfaces are used to construct a spatial sense of “unlimited extension,” challenging the viewer's sense of experience and reality.

※ This artwork is under maintenance.